About Me

My name is Linda Krefeld. I have since 2010 my own FCI kennel “Chi-Esta,s Of Fun”

Chi-esta’s = from siesta’s, only the S is wrote with Chi from Chihuahua. Chi-esta’s of fun means “funny sleepingbreak”, that last word my Chihuahuas do that a lot. I love my chihuahua’s above everything, we have a very nice, playful herd and they all get along super well.

it,s important for me to breed chihuahuas who fit the breedstandard and also a nice character is important to me .We are going with love to shows in the Netherlands, Germany and sometimes to other countries. On show we have a lot of fun with other college friends too.

I try to breed with good, healty bloodlines. My dogs are DNA tested, PL tested and have a breedinglicence from CKD, but also a good, stable and playful character by my dogs is important to me. Our puppies we try to socialize very well so that they are fitted for pet and (if we are lucky) for show and breeding dog. I want my clients to be happy as posdible when they buy a dog from me. We also have beautiful males for mating available for FCI dogs from FCI breeders breeders.

My heart lies with the smoothcoat chihuahua. But sometimes we also have Longcoats puppies available.  Maybe one day I fall for a longcoat myself too!

For questions or info about me or my dogs you can mail or phone me.

Tel: 0049-2851-9619982
Mail: chiestas.of.fun@googlemail.com